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    Cool Shahid & Priyanka deny romance

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    While Shahid is being associated with strings of women, his Kaminay co-star Priyanka is not lagging behind. However quiz them if something is on between them and they come up with those same old diplomatic answers.

    Shahid who was recently asked about Priyanka said, The way I am being projected as a serial dater, I am sure that Im not going to get a girlfriend anytime soon.

    While Priyanka Chopra was recently asked about the romance between her and Shahid and she also gave a reply similiar to Shahid, she said, I thought the media has already linked Shahid with Vidya Balan and Sania Mirza! Shahid is my co-star in Vishal Bharadwajs Kameenay. This is the first time we are working together. We enjoy each others company.

    Ehm ehm! So how do we interpret this.

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    Thank you very much



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