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    Default Revealed: Love compatibity of Bollywood's hottest couples

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    Revealed: Love compatibity of Bollywood's hottest couples
    Valentine Day has just gone by and most of our Bollywood real life lovers had a great time together showering each other with gifts and what not. But then is their love for each other destined to be forever? Noted astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi finds out.

    Salman – Katrina
    Salman born on 27th Dec. 1965 is a No.9 (Mars ) in numerology. He is a Capricorn ruled by No.8 (Saturn ) & his destiny number adds up to No.6 (Venus ).

    Being in his 44th year, Salman is going through the weakest phases of his life & it will mostly affect his relationship with his girlfriend Katrina. Born on 16th July 1984, Kat is a No.7 (Neptune ). Being No.7 she is automatically ruled by No.2 (Moon ). She is a Cancerian ruled by Nos.2 & 7 again & her destiny number adds up to No.9 (Mars ).

    Unlike Salman, Kat is going through the best phase of her life & her compatibility with Salman is strictly okay as they share just the No.9 (Mars ) in common. 2010 will be the year for Salman. He will definitely get married next year but whether with Kat ??? …is quite ruled out.

    Astrologically, Salman is going through the period of 'Shani', which will give him hardships & struggle this year. Neither his films nor his personal life will look good this year. He will face backslash from every quarter & mental / physical loss or damage is indicated. He should really go slow this year & take each day as it comes.

    The months between March – May & Oct – Dec. would still be okay but otherwise nothing much in store in personal life. On the other side of the fence is Katrina, who is on cloud nine as the period of 'Chandra / Ketu' is helping her achieve huge targets career wise.

    Also it's time to enter a new relationship & she will meet someone really special this year. He could possibly be outside from Bollywood. If she is really serious, then she should even get engaged to the person.

    Ranbir – Deepika
    Ranbir is born on 28th Sept. 1982 which makes him a No.1 (Sun ). He is ruled by Nos.6 & 8 (Venus & Saturn - Libran ) & his compound number adds up to No.3 (Jupiter ).

    On the other hand, Deepika is a No.5 (Mercury - 5th Jan. 1986 ), also ruled by No.8 (Saturn - Capricorn ) & No.3 (Jupiter - sum total of her date of birth ). Nos.1 & 5 do not share a great compatibility but they aren't enemies either.

    The common factor between them is that their compound numbers add up to Number 3 (Jupiter ). Their zodiac elements Earth (DP ) & Air (RK ) are also compatible. This year they will remain stable but 2010 (No.3 ) is the year for marriage for this lovely couple.

    Astrologically, Ranbir is passing through the slow period of 'mangal' which will delay success in personal or professional life. Deepika is going to the period of 'shukra' which focuses clearly on her personal relations.

    Ranbir will find it difficult to balance his love life & work life this year which would result in anger, frustration etc. It's time for Deepika to support his beau this year & make their relationship much stronger.

    John – Bipasha
    John is a No.8 (17th Dec. 1972 ) ruled by Saturn & No.3 twice (all Sagittarius are ruled by No.3 & his destiny number also adds up to same number ). Bipasha is born on 7th Jan. 1979 making her a No.7 (Neptune ) also ruled by No.2 (Moon - 2-7 factor ), No.8 (Saturn - Capricorn ) & Nos.2 & 7 again (7 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7).

    From the foundation point of view (Nos.7 & 8 ), there is a lot of difference of opinion observed between this couple as Nos.7 & 8 generally do not gel well.

    Bipasha has entered her 31st year which is not so good time for important decision making especially if it's marriage or partnership. She will be in a dilemma whether to go ahead & take the next step or not yet ?

    John on the other hand being in his 37th year, also needs to concentrate on his career more than focusing on relationship. This year they should try & work out their differences & see if they still see a possible future in their alliance.

    Astrologically, the 'rahu' kaal will make Bipasha wait a little longer before entering in to a life time commitment. She should take advice from family, friends etc. regarding her future life as she can easily get emotionally attached to anybody soon.

    John should also take it easy this year as the period of 'surya' can make him overwork & loose out on personal equation with well wishers. He could actually lose out on a loved one. Be careful John, it can be heart breaking!

    Saif – Kareena
    Saif is a No.7 (Neptune ), ruled by No.1 (Sun ) & No.5 (Mercury ). Being also ruled by No.2 (Moon ) it showcases his unconditional love & support for those whom he loves. Kareena is doubly ruled by No.3 (Jupiter - 21st Sept. 1980 + her destiny number is also No.3 ) & is a cusp between Virgo (ruler Mercury – No.5 ) & Libra.

    Here again, Nos.3 & 7 are diametrically opposite numbers, he is the sensitive one while she is plain materialistic. They share a common No.5 (Mercury ) making them both communicative & frank about their feelings for each other.

    Their PDA clearly indicates the seriousness towards their relationship, but according to me, marriage between Saif & Kareena is not likely to happen. They may remain friends though. 2009 is a good for marriage for Saif while it is not for Kareena.

    Astrologically, Saif is in the period of 'Guru' which is not happening as he will over spend on something or someone which he may finally not acquire. This phase will remain till August this year.

    After that his 'rahu' phase will make him re-think about his decision. Kareena for that matter is passing through the emotional phase of 'Chandra / Ketu' which is making her feel elevated in love matters.

    Given the current situation, she is 'more' in love with Saif presently, but soon the priorities would change between them & it will all end for it's own good.
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    wow cool..thnx for sharin!

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us

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    lol this is cool. thanks for sharing



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