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    Default Money In The Bank - Best PPV of PG Era

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    I watched WWE Money In The Bank last night and I was excited in all the three hours...woooooo...what a PPV...with full of crowd pops and great matches.
    1st: SD MITB Ladder Match)
    It was a SD MITB Ladder Match with beautiful high actions and great ending with Daniel Bryan winning the briefcase...Crowd Reaction was Awesome
    The best and the most painful thing I watched in this match was Sheamus putting Sin Cara through a ladder...I hope Sin Cara is fine now..
    Match Rating - 4.5/5
    2nd: Forget about was just a boring divas match
    Match Rating - 1.5/5
    3rd: Mark Henry vs Big Show..I thought it would be just a waste of time but it wasn't.Mark Henry and Big Show put on a good match higher than expected..the end of the match amazed me..(a heel winning against a babyface cleanly )
    Match Rating - 2.5/5
    4th: It was a terrific RAW MITB match..absolutely awesome..AirBourne from the top of the ladder was the best moment in this match....again a great crowd reaction..Alberto Del Rio did what he said.
    Match Rating - 4/5
    5th: Christian vs Randy Orton..not as great as previous matches, but it was a good contest..the crowd was behind Christian in this whole match..(The ending wasn't so good) but after the match Randy Orton got great chants when he returned to hit a second RKO...anyways..I m happy for Christian that he got the title back.
    Match Rating - 3.5/5
    6th: What do you think?? Yeah!! It was the best Main Event i have ever seen..exactly opposite to John cena Vs R-truth last month at Capitol Punishment..This match went longer than The Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels at WM 25 with great back-and-forth moves,counters and kick outs..CM Punk and John Cena put on the best match of their career with full of crowd chants..CM Punk defeated John Cena in the end and John Cena also proved that he is a great wrestler.
    Match Rating - 5/5
    I Must say that Chicago has the best crowd.. I never saw a whole PPV with huge crowd pop in the PG Era.People were excited in the whole PPV..I enjoyed the whole PPV very much.I recommend you to watch this epic show.I think it was the best PPV of the PG Era..
    PPV Rating - 9.5/10
    what are your thoughts about it?

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    Default It was great indead !

    The show was freaking awesome. Best show in years. Both MITB matches were great. I hope that WWE can make this quality(fast and supurb moves by all wrestlers) standard for all their shows. Now I believe that WWE has a future, because all wrestlers were acting great(but no more Diva's please. It's stupid and boring
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    I was so shocked with DB winning the Smackdown! MitB, could have swore Cody was going to win. Mark Henry surprise the crap out of me and he won at a PPV. Awesome. Diva's match was my poop break. And surprisingly the Cena v. CM Punk match exceeded my expectations. Cena did a great job and Punk did a great job. Great PPV. Good matches and wonderful buildup. 4/5.

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    Best ppv in years, better then last wrestlemania in my opinion

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    karma is a *****(not the diva) all the laders wont felt down as they should. any one recognize it??????



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