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    Default 100 Year Old Love Letter Found

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    100 Year Old Love Letter Found

    A LOVE letter penned in a secret picture code has been found more than 100 years after it was written. The author used symbols such as eyes, saws, ships and even horsewhips to replace word fragments. The message, hidden among the minutes of a temperance society, was discovered when a university student asked to borrow the records.

    Archivist Elisabeth Bennett, of Swansea University library, said: “The book was very fragile so I was leafing through to check it was OK to lend it when I noticed the note. It was in the minutes book.” In the message, dating back to at least 1890, devoted William Weightman declares his love for “dearest Fanny” by creating a complex puzzle of icons known as a rebus.

    Symbols include the picture of a fan followed by the letter E to spell her name.And William drew lines through a heart and made a sketch of a pudding to tell her he would “be broken-hearted if you desert me”. Elisabeth — who has looked after the university archive for 15 years — said: “I was amazed by it. Some of the drawings were so intricate.

    “The ship he used in ‘friendship’ has a full rigging and sails. He has been very inventive in his use of language.”Experts have compared William’s handiwork to flirty text messages sent by youngsters.

    But Elisabeth believes his words took more than a few minutes to craft. She said: “I think William was practising before he wrote the final letter. It must have taken him hours.”

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    wow this is cool. thanks naila

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