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    Wink Himesh’s asli baal

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    Himesh Reshammiya, the great composer turned bad singer turned horrible actor is all set to reveal his original hair.

    The topi-wala Reshammiya, went through the painful process of hair weaving and hair extensions to have some lovely locks, and now Reshammiya is all set to shun his extensions, ‘coz his real hair have made a comeback and unlike his recent flick Karzz they have shown results on his head.

    A friend says, “Himesh wore hair extensions but at the same time as a result of hair weaving, his real hair was growing under the extensions. Now that he has thick hair, he has thrown away the extensions. He is looking fantastic now.”

    The friend adds, “Ab extensions ki zaroorat kya hai? Na hi zaroorat hai cap ki. Ab toh asli baal hain Himesh ke , (what is the point of extensions or wearing a cap? Now, Himesh has real hair)”

    Himesh even shocked his director Pooja Bhatt, who is directing him for Kajrare, as she says, “I was shocked when I saw Himesh with his new look two days ago. I think he is looking deadly. I have shot most of his portions already. But I have yet to film a flashback track. I will be using his new look in those portions. ”

    You like Himesh’s new look?

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    thanks suhaani



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