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    Default Triple H and others reach out to undertaker

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    WrestleZone has confirmed with two key WWE insiders that Triple H has personally reached out for The Undertaker in order to stem the tide of unrest that is obviously happening in the WWE locker room. "In the past few months, WWE has seen Jericho decide not to renew, Rey Mysterio announce he's considering not renewing, MVP decide not to renew, Punk decide not to renew and even lower card talent like Chavo Guerrero decide WWE is just not worth it. Something is going on here!" a key WWE insider told us this evening.

    Apparently, Triple H feels that with 'Taker off the road, Shawn Michaels retired, and HHH himself now in the office, the locker room has a leadership void. "John Cena is obviously the leader of the Raw side, and Orton has stepped up behind the scenes on Smackdown," we were told by another key WWE insider, "but the veteran voice in the locker room is missing, and both (WWE Chairman) Vince (McMahon) and Triple H are trying to stop a trend that is definitely developing!"

    HHH asked Taker to scout talent in the Florida developmental system recently, a task that has also been assigned to Good ol' JR Jim Ross and "X-Pac" Sean Waltman.

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    Thanks for share man

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    Hmm perhaps we could see taker on raw/smackdown sometimes



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