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    Default Katrina CRIED on HER BIRTHDAY :

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    Katrina Kaif had gone though spoilt birthday not only at the peak of her career due to Salman-Shahrukh's ugly spat but even had a blemish birthday experience when she stepped into the world of glitz and glamour. In the Farhan Akhtar's chat show, Oye! It's Friday, Kat revealed what she had gone through when she celebrated her first birthday on the set of Boom.

    ''We had just completed shooting for the film and it was my birthday. Since I was a rank newcomer, I didn't really have many friends or acquaintances. I was alone in the cabin and there was absolutely no one around. I would have cried most that day, I was feeling so lonely'', recollects Katrina.

    She relates her panic to the zodiac sign that she carries, "Well, we are like that only. We can cry at any moment", says Katrina.

    Crying is a part and parcel of Katrina's life, she quips, ''I cry when I am happy or sad. In fact I also cry when I have nothing to cry."

    Though Kat is very charming and lively, the most surprising fact of her life is that she was never asked for a date, ''I don't know why but it is indeed a fact. In fact even my friends from college too never asked me out.''

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