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    Cool Freida Pinto Rejected as TV Presenter

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    Did you hear about this one? The television industry may be moaning their huge loss. Apparently 'Slumdog Millionaire' star Freida Pinto had expressed her desire to be a TV presenter in India but she was turned down. Why? Well, according to the actress, the industry simply felt she wasn't worthy because her twin assets weren't big enough! 'We have the voluptuous, full-figured woman thing in India,' the growing star told a US magazine. 'People say I need to get a boob job, but I'm just comfortable the way I am.'

    Are you guys outraged by this? Wouldn't it be funny if (or many would say, when) 'Slumdog Millionaire' wins the Oscar for Best Picture? Would they still think a starring actress in an Academy Award-winner wasn't qualified to be on TV to hand out an award? That would be ironic and it could be coming sooner than later (the Oscars will be given out on Sunday, February 22).

    This actually isn't the first time Freida Pinto was turned away because of her skinny frame. She tried out for a position as a TV news reporter earlier in her career but was turned down then too because she was too thin.

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