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    Hello guys,

    just wanted to ask if you could implement some kind of a -rep function.
    There's a "I approve" button which gives reputation, but what if we don't approve of the post? Where's a +, there should be a -

    As you are using vBulletin, there are plenty of reputation mods available


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    ohh Well We had this Rep thing as button name Thanks...But because we have such big and famous forum founders removed it bcz it was just making the site go slower soooooo Hopefully next year will get thanks(Rep) Function

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    YES..i am agreeing with Raone and i want to add something more..
    reputation is mainly for quality of post..not quantity..
    we have most reputed founderz here to work better than a button..they knows where they want to give reputation and they will act promptly.
    and talented staffs are here as a supportive buttons..

    so this is combination feature of v bulletin and human bullets..
    ...being a human...



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