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    Default R-Truth is perfect example.....

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    He's perfect example of how WWE can easily make a superstar better if they tried. Same thing applied to Miz also.

    Miz went from someone that people didn't even think should be in the WWE(nobody even thought he'd win a single title) and in a span of a year or so, he won mitb,wwe title and wm main event and is one of the most hated guys in the wwe.

    R-Truth went from a guy who was only known for rapping and dancing and put into random matches and danceoffs into one of raws top heels now who has some of the best promos in the entire company.

    For people who say the WWE writers aren't good, I think this is proof right here that they are good, but they just don't try at all for 99% of the roster. So it's possible for WWE to have good shows and make every single character important , they just don't try at all.

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    Yea you are completely right.



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