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    Default My new CM Punk Idea to what he'll do at MITB (must read)

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    My new CM Punk Idea to what he'll do at MITB (must read)

    C.M Punk's mason plan for Money In The Bank

    ...........Mhm......You are my pawn..

    As we've known for months or to some of yous maybe learning since last night; and I've also typed it about 999,999 times is that, C.M Punk's contract expires next month.

    I made a post on my blog weeks ago about this situation, and the title was "Summer of Punk,". On there, I express my thoughts and opinions about July 17th at Money In The Bank, and it being a huge day for the WWE Universe (or Punk fans) but more importantly, to C.M Punk. I also said and thought, that there could be a chance that he become a participant in the Raw MITB Ladder Match. Although, he is confirmed to be at the pay-per-view, but not as a participant of the Raw MITB match, but as the number one contender for the WWE Champion against John Cena. Which is even better. So now I can throw away - Punk walking out of the ppv with the briefcase.................. Right ? .......

    Okay, here's my NEW idea to what I think could happen at the Money In The Bank, pay-per-view.

    I believe, the member of the Nexus's Mason Ryan, will win a MITB qualifying match on Raw in the near future and becomes a participant in the ladder match (if there is gonna be qualifying matches).

    At the night of Money In The Bank, PPV, on July 17th.

    Mason Ryan goes into the ladder match, and wins the Raw-Money In The Bank briefcase to cash in a for a title shot anytime, and anywhere.

    Now, John Cena faces C.M Punk for the WWE Champion, as the main event of the night.

    C.M Punk loses to John Cena. John Cena does his usual taunts and celebrates his victory, as Punk is knocked out in the ring. Then, as Cena leaves the ring, Punk will get up. He will ask for the mic; as the crowd of his hometown of Illinois begin to chant his name and say "thank you Punk !" He'll sob a little, say whats he's gonna say..... but then, Mason Ryan enters.

    Mason Ryan enters the ring, bows down to Punk, and hands him the Money In The Bank briefcase. And C.M Punk will put the mic to his face and say (I'm just predicting what he's gonna say) "Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean I'm retiring."


    And off Punk goes to the Summer of Punk ! C.M Punk will take a league of absents to get rest, and comeback when he feels. But, this way you know he's coming back, because he'll have the MITB briefcase. Remember what Punk said, "I'm leaving with a bang!" This would be the coolest way to leave with a BANG!

    You also have to think about it from a business standpoint, C.M Punk has been upset for the way he has been used. He feels he should be a main eventer. This way, he'll be certain and secure of a title shot or a WWE Championship win, when he returns.



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