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    Cool Sonam Kapoor’s nani outfit

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    In her upcoming flick Delhi-6, Sonam has decided to shun designer dresses for a dress that her nani(maternal granny) had adorned during her marriage ceremony.

    A source says, ”Sonam did not like the fit and the finish of the particular outfit, which was given to her. So, she told Rakeyesh that she wanted to wear something else instead.”

    Rakeysh, the director, was not in a situation to exchange the outfit with another one and Sonam came to his rescue by asking Rakeysh whether she can wear her nani’s wedding trousseau, Rakeysh was initially skeptical about the dress but eventually gave a nod.

    The source adds, “Fortunately, the dress fit Sonam so perfectly that it didn’t require any alterations and it didn’t look too outdated either.”

    Well Sonam in her nani’s outfit, we definitely have to keep a keen eye on this one, when we see the flick.

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