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    Default Amisha Patel Forgives Kareena Kapoor!

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    Amisha Patel and Kareena Kapoor met recently at Tusshar Kapoor’s bash. They shared cold vibes as boyfriends Saif Ali Khan and Kanav Puri met each other liked long lost friends.

    An eyewitness says, “Kareena and Saif had already arrived and were seen chatting with people when Ameesha and Kanav arrived with a gang of friends after Kanav’s birthday party.

    Kanav and Saif know each other well so when they met each other, they started chatting like long-lost friends. But though Bebo and Ameesha exchanged cordial greetings they didn’t speak at all after that. Their vibes were freezing.”

    Ameesha says, “I have no problems with Kareena and will always be polite to her though it’s true we didn’t chat but just exchanged hellos.

    I am very fond of Saif who is extremely well-mannered, a thorough gentleman and a gem of a person. He’s also a friend of Kanav’s as Kanav and Soha used to study at the same school in Delhi.

    So when Kanav and Saif met up again at Tusshar’s party, both got along like a house on fire. Last year, when Saif and I were shooting for Lazy Lamhe and Saif and Kareena were dating, Saif had wanted to do something special for her so I went out of my way to accommodate him and wind up early. I even attended the music launch of Refugee.

    I don’t belong to camps nor am I part of industry battles. I know Kareena earlier said that she hadn’t given as big flops as I had but I don’t hold anything against her for saying those things about me.”

    Ameesha adds that she would love to do a film with Bebo if offered.

    “If we are offered good roles together I would love to act with her. It’s immature to hold grudges.

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