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    Thumbs up The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual (2011)

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    Album: Ritual
    Artists: The Black Dahlia Murder
    Genre: Death Metal
    Label: Metal Blade
    Runtime: 45:28 min
    Size: 96.36 MB

    The Black Dahlia Murder (TBDM) are back with their fifth full length album, the Death Metal opus Ritual, a collection of 12 searing tracks that see the band staying true to their sound and style while progressing in both writing and musicianship. Guitarist Ryan Knight has delivered truly searing leads that will without a doubt daze and lay waste the ears of both loyal Black Dahlia diehards and burgeoning fans alike.


    01. A Shrine To Madness
    02. Moonlight Equilibrium
    03. On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood
    04. Conspiring With the Damned
    05. The Window
    06. Carbonized in Cruciform
    07. Den of the Picquerist
    08. Malenchantments of the Necrosphere
    09. A Grave Robber's Work
    10. The Raven
    11. Great Burning Nullifier
    12. Blood in the Ink




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