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    Default Stone Cold Raw GM

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    Does anybody else agree that if Stone Cold was the permanent Raw GM, Raw would be a lot more exciting each week? And no, i'm not talking about being the anonymous GM, because obviously that would make no sense at all. This weeks Raw was good IMO, and Stone Cold definitely made it a whole hell of a lot better. Not only would it be good for us fans, but it might be good for WWE too. I'm sure it would bring in a lot of more ratings, especially when the Rock returns to face Cena at WM 28 next year.

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    True mate.. That was a helluva of a show. After a long time I liked watchin RAW.. Would love to watch stone cold continue as a GM, or they can bring Foley back as the commissioner as he's now left TNA. He will be also good.

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    I am also agree with you.



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