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    Default Amrita and I are just good friends and nothing more: Hurman Baweja

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    Amrita and I are just good friends and nothing more: Hurman Baweja
    He has all the basics right to become a superstar. He is the son of one of the biggest producers in the Hindi film industry, looks and dances like Hrithik Roshan and is a Page 3 regular for his links with Priyanka Chopra and now Amrita Rao.

    Unfortunately, his first film Love Story 2050 crash landed at the box office, thereby failing to give him the foothold he needed.

    However, his new release Victory has given him a second chance to prove his mettle.

    Harman spoke to us just before the release of the film in a freewheeling interview. Excerpts from the chitchat.

    There have been a number of films on cricket – Laagan, Iqbal, Awwal Number etc. Not all have been successful. What is the key ingredient in Victory to make it successful?
    This film is the story of a struggle and how human will crosses all obstacles. It is about a small-town boy called Vijay Shekhawat who wants to become a big cricketer, how he fulfils his dreams and what happens to his life thereafter.

    The storyline is so realistic that it could be the biography of any cricketer. That itself separates Victory from other cricket-based films.

    The other unique feature of this film is the involvement of real-life cricketers, including big names like Harbhajan Singh, Bret Lee, Shoaib Malik, Sanath Jaisuria and Mike Hussey. Their involvement has given a new dimension to the film.

    How was your experience working with the cricketers?
    It was great experience. We shot at the legendary Sydney Cricket Ground with the Aussies – I don't think I could have asked for more! The Australian cricketers used find the concept of retakes very funny, since they are used to the real game.

    Every time there was a retake, they would ask the reason and wonder why we could not place 10 cameras (like in a real match) to capture all possible angles! And we used to be amazed by the fact that they could play such marvelously without any retakes. At the end of the movie I think both of us started respecting each other's professions more.

    I am a great cricket fan so working with them was like a dream-come-true. I made good friends with them as well.

    In fact, Bret Lee and I used to talk about women a lot! However, special mention must be made of Bhajji (Harbhajan Singh). We used to always travel together and chat a lot during the making of Victory. I really had a very nice time with Bhajji. We hang out a lot these days whenever we are in the same city.

    Did you undergo any special training for this film?
    I don't think any Indian needs training in cricket! It is nothing short of a passion for all of us.

    Like anyone else, I have also been playing cricket since my childhood days and I think I am a decent cricketer! However, since this involved so many real-life cricketers, I underwent a special training from Pravin Amre for four months. Every day I used to train for three hours daily. But despite that it was very difficult playing with the cricketers. They are really good.

    Apart from that, since Vijay – the character I play in the film – is a boy from a small town in Rajasthan, I went and stayed with a friend in a place called Falaudi in Rajasthan for a few days before the shooting. I wanted to get a flavour of the life there. It helped me a lot in bringing a realistic feel to the role.

    The grapevine is abuzz with rumours of your growing closeness with Amrita Rao…
    I don't know why every time a film is released, there are rumours linking me and the heroine! Amrita and I have become very good friends during the making of the film and that is it. There is nothing more to it.

    What next for Harman S Baweja?
    I am working on three big-ticket films – one directed by Ashutosh Gowariker (What's Your Rashee), the second by Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Chenab Gandhi) and the third by Anees Bazmee (It'sMy Life). I have finished shooting for the last film, while work is still on for the first two.

    How was it working with directors like Ashutosh Gowariker and Anees Bazme?
    Both the directors are unique in their style of working. While, the former is a perfectionist and very detail-oriented, the latter creates a very fun-filled and comfortable ambience on the sets making it easier for us to work.

    But it is a great experience working with both the directors and I am learning a lot.

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us.



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