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    Default Why Beckham, Abraham are both 'triangles'!

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    Men have a body-type too -- and should dress accordingly!

    A female body is classified mainly into four body shapes -- banana, pear, apple and hourglass.

    Now, scientists have turned to geometric shapes to describe males as either triangle, rectangle, oval or linear.

    "Women have for many years been categorised by shape but nothing similar had been applied to men. Four distinct shapes kept reoccurring in the survey," the Daily Express quoted nutritionist Linda O'Byrne, who helped to compile the research linked to dieting, as saying.

    So guys, listen up! If you are a triangle, with broad shoulders and a tapered waist like footballer David Beckham, 36, or John Abraham, 38, your figure will hold no fears.

    Indeed, you may find yourself hogging the mirror for rather too long!

    Style tip: The triangle is the ideal body shape for men, so pretty much any garment is sure to flatter you. However, if your lower body doesn't balance up to your broad shoulders, you need to balance it out with pants that are either wide or straight-cut. And don't opt for loose tees or shirts -- they should fit well.
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