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    Default Jim Ross Praises Christian and Christian Heel turn

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    In Jim Ross' latest blog entry, he spoke about Christian's heel turn: "After the vocal minority uproar when Christian lost the World Title on Smackdown, I mentioned that I thought that loss would likely position the skilled veteran from Ontario, not talking about Neil Young here, to become more relevant and valuable to WWE. Seems as if that has occurred as Christian, after this week's Smackdown broadcast, is arguably the brand's #1 villain. Of course there will be some who refuse to look at the reality of this matter and the fact that Christian has the opportunity to fill a huge gap and to be in plenty of main events at live events and on TV. Plus, Christian's verbal skills will be better utilized as an antagonist, IMO. The bottom line is about making money and this certainly positions Christian to have the potential to capitalize on such."

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    Thank you for share.

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    Honestly I think this should have actually gone down sooner. If he'd have made the heel turn immediately following or the next week following the title win (where Edge helped don't forget) the betrayel would have been augmented by the fact he was almost kind of betraying Edge's memory. He'd have been despised, as it is now, he just looks like he's thrown his toys out of the pram.



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