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    Default Yuvatha (2008) *DVD Quality* WATCH ONLINE

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    An interesting entertainer, the story begins with the happy go lucky, care a damn attitude Babu (Nikhil) who hails from a village but then he picks up a scuffle with his uncle and after having fought with him, he lands in the city. There he joins his group of friends and starts staying with them. One of them want to become a film director, the other is working as a security guard and then there is the last one who is an IT professional. Life goes on smoothly until Babu chances upon Baby (Aksha) in an unexpected situation and in no time both of them fall in love with each other. On the other hand, there is the daughter (Monali) of the house owner who falls for the charms of the IT guy. Just when love seems to be blooming tragedy strikes in the form of the aspiring film director getting hospitalized. The other three don't have enough money to make up for the medical expenses so they decide to rob a bank. They are successful in looting it but then the cops catch them. What follows is an unexpected tale of hilarious twists and one has to watch the movie to see how entertaining it gets.


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