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    Default I would have been nowhere without Aziz Mirza: Shah Rukh Khan

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    I would have been nowhere without Aziz Mirza: Shah Rukh Khan
    He rules in Bollywood and now he is back on Television. King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan wants to bring cinematic value to the Indian television.

    You are back on television once again but this time as a producer.
    Yeah…when I came to Bombay Aziz Mirza helped me to start my career through television. I did serials like Circus and Fauji. I got to learn a lot of things. I got into films because of having worked in serials. Later first person, who asked me to come back on idiot Box and convinced me, was Samir Nair.

    After Circus this time again you are working with Aziz Mirza on television front.
    Yes. I think nothing would have been possible without Aziz Mirja’s expertise, advice, and consultancy. I don’t want to talk too much about myself but yes I would have been nowhere without Aziz’s teaching about acting in films.

    Why he ventured into television when the medium was considered fragmented and low TRPs for even the major shows?
    You need support and friends who think alike. I think since last two three years we are discussing this. The risk is there. But, the channel felt confident that we were competitive enough. I want the young people in my film production house Red Chillies to diversify into different arena.

    What kind of programs you are looking at through your production house?
    There is no specific cache of programs which we are planning on television. I have been a film producer for the last eight to nine years and have experience of acting for the last 20 years. I think I can bring a difference to television in terms of presentation of content. I will try to bring cinematic value to television.

    Why did you choose title Ghar Ki Baat Hai for this sitcom?
    It’s a good title. It has a lyricism in it. We had another title called Devdas Ki Maut which was not so happening.

    The serial is about a family about their neighbour about their life, situations that they face in life thus its Ghar Ki Baat. If you ask me why comedy, personally I like comedy more than anything else. Aziz wanted to do it and Samir gave us that slot.

    Do you think this serial has your Ghar Ki Baat Hai?
    Well television industry doesn’t have that much money to have a set like my home. Jokes apart, it will have everybody’s ghar ki baat with lots of spice. Its first episode has Sumit forgetting his anniversary. Interestingly I haven’t forgotten my marriage anniversary yet. Otherwise also there are stories like this happening in my home also.

    Will you be making special appearance in the serial?
    Yeah I will be making special appearance as and when require. We will try to rope in for special more stars if require.

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