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    Default SRK says POVERTY in 'Slumdog Millionaire' is REALITY :

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    SRK has strongly slammed the critics who feel that the Oscar nominated film Slumdog Millionaire tries to sell Indian poverty to the west.

    So many voices have been raised against the Danny Boyle directed film. Some say it?s nothing but poverty porn. Others have objected to the use of the word Slumdog, accusing Boyle of insulting people living in slums. But Shahrukh Khan, who has returned from Los Angeles after a movie shoot, defends ?Slumdog? fervently.

    "Isn't that (poverty and slums) a reality? If you (critics) have a problem with the word slumdog, why don't you look positively and see that there is a word millionaire or 'crorepati' also," Khan told reporters yesterday.

    Khan, who has been in the US for many weeks and even introduced ?Slumdog? at Golden Globes, says people in the US have gone crazy about the film and its music by A R Rahman.

    "I have just returned from the US and people there have become crazy about the film and its music. The film's sound is also good apart from a good story and screenplay. The film deserves all awards," Khan said.

    Apparently, Khan was first considered for the role of the game show host that eventually went to Anil Kapoor .

    ?I don't think I would have done justice to the role of a game show host like Anil Kapoor," SRK said.

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