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    Default Is the Asin vs. Jiah battle still on?

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    Is the Asin vs. Jiah battle still on?
    There were talks about Asin and Jiah Khan not being able to get along during the making of 'Ghajini'. Apparently Jiah was miffed because Asin had more footage and Asin was insecure about Jiah's presence too.

    Now Asin's career seems to be going great guns after a hit with Aamir Khan, what with a big film 'London Dreams' opposite another Khan, Salman as well as Ajay Devgan. There are talks about her acting with SRK too and there's a buzz that she has also signed a contract with Yash Raj Films.

    Jiah Khan who got overshadowed in films with Amitabh Bachchan (Nishabd) and Aamir Khan (Ghajini) has not lost heart either. She has a film with Shahid Kapur and the buzz is that she'll work with Khiladi Kumar- Akshay too.

    So the battle is on and Asin is spending busy days and sleepless nights. And since the Mallu lass has no time for love, she only dotes on her family and has said that her 'dad is the only man in her life'.

    Jiah must be doing the same too. Well these dames sure love a lot of competition. The more the better.

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