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    Default New advance update fr next 3 epis!!!

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    EP: 62 | Mayank and Nupur topic continues in the salon which gets the fresh turn with the entry of Mayank's mom. She is stunned to see Mayank there! Nupur explains that Mayank's here to meet his new pentathlon partner Ishika and this leads to Mayank's suspicion, as to how does Nupur know this?

    And comes out Nupur's prank. Mayank is very angry at her for pulling on this one before his mother! In college Uday is desperately looking for his girl and Benji trying his best to hide from him but his efforts go in vain and he blurts out CJ's name to save his situation!

    A ball accidentally hits Gunjan as she walks down the corridor and Samrat's asks the guy to apologise to her. Gunjan indirectly remarks that a repeated mistake doesn't have an apology! Next day Nupur excitedly shares her success with the salon prank with Gunjan.

    Gunjan tells her that she's taking things too far and speaks in favor of Mayank! Which nupur defends drawing comparison to Samrat and the two sisters in a way realize they're defending each others opponent of sorts!

    EP: 63 | Angry with Nupur's salon prank, Mayank vows to get back at her with vengeance. He remembers a sholka his mother once read out to him, that anger/vengeance breeds desire!

    He quickly rubbishes that no way is he attracted to Nupur. For Samrat the day comes as afresh breeze and he has a new plan to surprise Gunjan! The results are out and Gunjan toped with a historic percentage! She's thrilled to know this but when she comes to know that Samrat's leaked the info before the actual declaration, it dampens her joy!

    Mayank once again tries to convince CJ to become his partner, but she denies not wanting to miss any fun on the Nupur-Mayank team! Deodhar finally tells Mayank and Nupur to leave for the inter-collegiate pentathlon the next day itself! Samrat after initial awkwardness tells gunjan that she's been called in the principal's office.

    Thinking its another of his pranks, Gunjan rubishes it and just then a peon enters and tells her the same! Left with no option, Mayank and Nupur walk out of the staffroom. Nupur approches Mayank and suggests that they be civil and try forming a team! But when Mayank snubs her yet again, Nupur blows up. She yells out to Mayank, leaving the college kids stunned!

    EP: 64 | Principal calls Gunjan to the office and congratulates her on coming first and breaking all the previous records. And the big news is that they are sending her for the inter-collegiate radio jockey hunt... and Gunjan is flummoxed!

    Nupur tells Samrat that she's participating in the pentathlon with Mayank, and since she won't be around, she trusts Samrat with taking care of Gunjan! Samrat agrees and also tells her that Mayank is a nice guy! At night as Mayank packs his cloths, he keeps rambling that he'll now have to act parent to Nupur who'll surely forget the most important things to carry!

    He calls up Nupur to check on the things he was ranting about! Shilpa intervenes in yet another verbal duel between them and tells them both that a team works! Samrats finally cracks a code, now that Gunjan wasn't directly talking to him; he'lll make sure she has another friend! Next morning Nupur reaches the bus stop, just in the nick of time, but Mayank is not there! She panics that has he ditched her!

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