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    Default The dirty truth behind film awards!!!

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    Few months ago during an interview Paresh Rawal revealed why he had stopped attending award functions. He said, "There are no real award functions anymore. Each award function is a mega marketing event and I do not wish to be a part of it." Aamir Khan's dislike for Bollywood awards is common knowledge. Ajay Devgan too avoids them. If some of India's finest acting talents have such views about award ceremonies there's definitely a big question mark about their credibility.

    Aamir wasn't an awards boycotter earlier. In fact, he was a regular at the Filmfare awards, the only popular award function back then. But then the 1992 awards night changed it all for him. His Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander though nominated in almost all the categories ended up winning only one award. Also his much deserved best actor award went to Anil Kapoor for Beta. Industrywalas till date debate whether Kapoor had purchased the award. Aamir stopped attending Filmfare Awards from then on. But as fences were about to mended between the publication house behind Filmfare and Aamir, came the final blow in 1996. His wildly popular Rangeela act was overlooked and SRK was awarded the best actor for DDLJ. That did it for Aamir and he began his mission boycott which continues till date.

    Aamir continues to torment award organisers by putting up a great performance every year in his films, leaving them in a fix whether or not to award. Also, sources close to him reveal, his nephew Imran too may follow his footsteps and avoid award functions.

    The Bollywood awards carnival kicks off every year with the Star Screen Awards followed by Stardust Awards, Filmfare Awards, Zee Cine Awards, Sansui Awards and the IIFA Awards. Then again you have the Apsara Producers Guild Awards in September and for some strange reason nominates films released in two separate years. All these awards' results have ceased to excite us like they used to till many years back.

    Not only because there has been an overkill but also because there's a predictability in it all. Their results are hardly taken seriously and the main category winners are mostly A-list stars who get an additional excuse to hike their prices and get written more about after winning their trophies. In order to appease the biggies, the organizers introduce new special categories and ensure most of their star attendees go home with something.

    So we have the Power award (which either only Yash Chopra or SRK keep getting), the critic's award, the most outstanding performer award, fresh face award or the best on screen couple award. Stars bartering their on stage performance for awards too has become a regular feature at these functions.

    While earlier award ceremonies were telecast live or just a day after, they are now shown a good 10-15 days later so that the channel which has purchased its telecast rights gets ample time to market the event and fill in all its ad spots for the telecast. But with the results already out, the viewer by then has lost all the excitement.

    A veteran filmmaker points out, "These award functions benefit everybody, right from the organisers who mint money and also get ample media coverage, the TV channels by means of ad spots.The media too gets sufficient stories before and after the actual event about the nominees, the controversies and who came in and who didn't, owing alliance to their respective camps. Unfortunately the loser is the true fan who once used to stay awake till midnight to know which of his favourite star won!"

    It is high time the biggest film industry in the world puts up that one credible award function which can bring every industry member under one roof. They owe it to their loyal fans.

    Incidentally. The Star Screen Awards 2009 nominations are out and Paresh Rawal has not been nominated in any category for one of his career best performances in Mumbai Meri Jaan.

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