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    Default Balika Badhu 12th may 2011 written update

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    Jagya is lost in his thoughts and when he turns around Sumitra is gone. Jagya panics thinking about how she will go back on her own. He runs around the beach like a mad person shouting for his mother.
    Meanwhile Gauri comes home to find Jagat is not at home.She is worried. Kunda tai uses this opportunity to convince Gauri that she should control her husband and should keep tabs on him. Gauri doesn't believe that Jagat would ever cheat or lie to her. Kunda tai tries to make Gauri understand since she went through the same thing. Upon further urging her, Gauri calls Jagat and Kunda tai continues to put ideas in Gauri's head. Jagat doesn't answer his phone and Gauri is worried for him. ...
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    nice sharing,, thanks
    I trust cigratte more than a girl.
    It will damage my lungs but will never break my heart ;-)



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