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    Lightbulb Christy Hemme shoot interview

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    Christy Hemme shoot interview

    Christy Hemme highspots shoot interview

    Were you a fan of wrestling before the Diva Search
    What did you know about the WWE beforehand
    Who did you enjoy watching if so
    How did you find out about the contest
    What were your objectives going into contest? Was it to win and have a career in WWE or win and parlay it into other opportunities
    Did you train or diet or study wrestling going into the contest
    What were the tryouts like
    First impressions of Coach
    Did any of the guys try and flirt or insinuate that you would go further if you went on a date with them, etc
    Who was your favorite judge
    What surprised you most about the contest
    How did you find out you were going to the next round live on Raw
    How did the whole process go, were the divas kept separate from the WWE talent, etc
    Were you approached by any talent
    Did you have a boyfriend at the time
    Did anyone hit on you at the Raws
    Initial impressions of Vince
    How were you treated by the current WWE divas at that time
    What was your favorite contest
    Did you bond with any of the other girls
    Thoughts on Carmella
    When did you think you had the contest in the bag
    What happened before the pillow fight, was it changed
    Thoughts on how the skit with Kimala went down
    Did you know who he was
    Did it bother you when people would boo the contest portions live on Raw
    Did it bother you after the contest when some girls got hired that didn't win, like Carmella
    Were you surprised you won
    How quickly did your life change and how
    Did anyone mentor you after you won
    Who did you travel with
    Were you outcast from the locker room at all
    Were you ribbed
    How were you treated by the other girls
    Thoughts on working with the Rock during the Diva Search
    What were your thoughts the following week when you were initiated by being stripped down
    Did the pressures early on of ribbing and just being looked down upon ever make you want to quit
    How soon did you realize you were going to wrestle
    Was there anything ever said to you during the contest or after about dating the boys
    What were your thoughts on that
    Who taught you
    Thoughts on Fit Finley (agent in charge of women's matches)
    Was it easy for you to pick up
    What was the hardest thing about it
    Thoughts on Eric Bischoff and working with him
    Randy Orton has a rap for being horrible to women, did you notice it and did it happen to you
    Thoughts on Amy Webber's claims that he would rib her constantly
    Thoughts on Molly Holly
    Thoughts on Gail Kim
    Thoughts on Lita
    Thoughts on working with Edge and Shawn Michaels
    Did anyone do anything inappropriate that you would have to say something about
    How did the Playboy deal come about
    How did that change your life
    Was it hard to stay level-headed during your success
    When you were told you were wrestling Trish at Wrestlemania, what did you think
    Do you think Trish was too stiff with slaps early on
    How well did you and Lita get along off camera
    Was Trish helpful in getting you through the match
    Were you nervous
    What was it like for you to be wrestling at Wrestlemania
    At what point did you feel if ever accepted by the locker room
    Was the traveling hard
    How did Vince treat you during this time
    Thoughts on writers like Brian Gerwitz
    Thoughts on doing the Howard Stern show
    Thoughts on Stacy Keibler
    Are you surprised at her success
    Did you like becoming a full-time wrestler
    Thoughts on doing those skits with Tajiri and Regal
    Thoughts on Victoria
    Thoughts on Candice
    How did you wind up managing Eugene
    Did you like it
    What was the drug and party scene like at the time
    Was it hard to stay in shape being on the road so much
    Why do you think you were transferred to Smackdown
    How different was the locker room and the atmosphere
    Were you treated better, worse, or indifferent
    Did you ask why you were being switched
    What was it like being a judge in the second Diva contest
    Do you think Ashley should have won
    How do you think she will do
    Thoughts on Melina
    Thoughts on Jillian Hall
    Thoughts on JBL
    How did you wind up managing the LOD
    Thoughts on Animal
    Thoughts on Heidenreich
    How did your relationship evolve with Joey Matthews
    Do you think that was a good or bad thing in hindsight
    Lately it has come out by some that Melina has a bad attitude, did you sense that towards the end
    When did you find out you were going to OVW
    What was the reason you were told
    What did you think about that
    How did you like it down there
    What were they going to do with you
    Thoughts on Paul Heyman
    How did you find out you were being let go
    What was the reason
    There has been a rumor since that time in a lot of places that it had to do with you hitting on HHH, what are your comments on that
    How well did you get along with Stephanie and thoughts on her
    Do you think the Diva contest is a scam since you were released
    How hard did you take it
    Did you find it harder or easier to get work in the entertainment business after your release
    Did you ever call Vince after
    How come you didn't do a lot of independents
    Do you think it is a good thing to learn about the independents and do some now
    Did you plan on retiring from wrestling
    Thoughts on the Lingerie Bowl
    How did your life change after the WWE
    You were advertised for an indy show, Big Time Wrestling back in January and didn't appear, what happened
    How did you wind up in TNA
    Who called you
    What are your expectations
    Do you find it odd that your first few appearances were non speaking
    You are doing more television stuff, is that where you want to take your career
    Are you treated any different in TNA than WWE now that you are coming in as an established wrestling star
    Has Gail Kim treated you differently
    Who do you enjoy riding with in TNA
    Any good road stories from your career
    Have politics affected your career and if so, how
    Where do you want to see your career in 5 years
    Did you really lose a lot of weight on TrimSpa
    Do you have any good diet or nutrition tips
    Advice for women that want to get into the wrestling business
    Do you actually have a MySpace account
    What's been your biggest wrestling highlight
    You recently said in an interview you would never go back to the WWE, why
    Thoughts on the Carters (owners of TNA)
    Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
    Do you think TNA has a future
    Have you watched TNA since you started here
    Do you think TNA at its current state will be able to succeed
    How have things gone for you so far in TNA
    What are your current goals
    Do you want to wrestle in TNA or just be a talent/personality
    Favorite girls to work with and why
    Least favorite and why
    Would you like to write a book at some point

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    Christy is damn hot !
    thanx for the ITW

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    thx for the link bro, keep posting!

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    hey.. you guys should have a diva section and post pictures and other stuff . that would be cool.

    credit to photobucket



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