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    Default Send Yourself Text-Message Reminders from Oh, Don't Forget

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    You know what I love about text messages? They're virtually impossible to ignore. They pop up on your phone's screen, making it beep, buzz, or both. Consequently, text messages are great for reminding you to do stuff.
    That's why my new favorite Web service is Oh, Don't Forget. In about as long it takes to read this sentence, you can set up a reminder to burble on your phone at a designated time. (You can also set one up that goes to someone else--like, say, a family member. Just be careful not to abuse this power!)
    For example, last night I remember an important work task I needed to get done today. Sure, I could have put it in my calendar, complete with an alarm, but that's overkill. I just needed a quick and simple reminder, something that said, "Hey, don't forget to do that thing."
    True to its name, Oh, Don't Forget is perfect. All you do is enter your cell number, the date and time you want the reminder, and your message to your self. You don't have to sign up for anything, register for anything, confirm anything, or pay anything. Just three quick steps and you're done. It's free (though standard messaging rates apply), and easy as can be.
    That said, there are some advantages to spending a few bucks. Oh, Don't Forget Premium lets you set up recurring messages (kind of like an SMS-powered to-do list), review message logs, maintain an address book, and so on. It costs $4.95 per month or $47.50 annually.
    Personally, I'm just happy to use the free version for the occasional reminder. It works like a charm.

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