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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 34

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    You are now finished with the bath picture. Let us print it.
    1. You have the image file bath.psd open, and the finished picture is shown on the screen. Now press Control+p. That opens the Print dialog box.
    2. To the left you see a preview of the print, as it will look if you click on the Print button. In the first window you have the option to select another printer. But try to click on Properties --> Features. There you can change the paper orientation to Landscape and then click OK:

    3. If you put a checkmark in the Scale to Fit box you can reduce the print size (in percent) or you can fit to paper in printer:

    4. If you are satisfied with the setup click on the print button, and the picture will be printed on the selected printer.
    Try an oval section

    Sometimes you might want to use just a section of a picture, to be used for another purpoe. Try here to make an oval section of the bath picture, which you still have on your screen.
    1. First make sure that the background color is white (press d to get the default colors).
    2. Then select the background layer in the layer palette, since that is the layer you need to work on:

    3. Find the Elliptical Marquee Tool in the tool box (press m):

    4. Now you need to drag an elliptical selection around a suitable section of the kid. Such a simple thing as dragging an oval selection can be a tease – but that is not a problem, since shape and placement are easy to change later. An remember that you can always cancel the selection with Control+d. Try that now, make an oval selection in the picture.
    5. You have now made a temporary selection. Then right click somewhere in the selection, and choose from the menu Transform Selection:

    6. Now your oval selection gets equippped with a frame with handles to drag in. You can change the size and shape of the oval – try that:

    7. Like with other transformations, you can rotate by placing the cursor outside the selection frame (as described in the exercise on page 29).
    8. But you can also enter values directly in the fields in the settigs line if you prefer that, and define the selection’s size and placement that way.
    9. You can move the selection by dragging it with the mouse, when the cursor looks like this:

    10. You can also move the selection with the keyboard arrow keys, try that!
    11. Make a selection of the boy’s head and a little of the upper torso. To succeed with the rest of the exercise, it is important that the selection does not come too close to the head. Since the boy looks to the right, you can let the selection be slightly larger in the right side, so the head is not placed 100% in the center. The selection must not get too close to the upper picture edge either:

    12. Press Enter when you are satisfied with the selection.
    Feather the selection

    There are many possibilities to change and correct a selection. Here you need to feather it, and this means that you will get a soft transition between the selected and the non-selected. The feathering is shown in pixels; the more pixels the softer the transition.
    1. Check in the tool box hat your background color is white. Choose menu items Select Feather --> Feather Selection. Enter the number 12 in this field:

    2. Click OK or press Enter. Apparently nothing happens – at least nothing visible.
    3. Choose menu items Select --> Inverse (or press Shift-+Control+i). Then press Delete to delete the background. Cancel the selection with Control+d.
    4. You now see the oval area on a white background. The feathering resulted in a soft transition between picture and background:

    Canvas size and cropping

    Figure 39. Settings for the crop tool.
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