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    Default Top ten richest people in the world 2010

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    .warren buffett
    net worth: 62.0 billion
    source: Berkshire hathaway

    2. Carlos slim helu
    net worth: 60.0 billion
    source: Telecom

    3. Bill gates
    net worth: 58.0 billion
    source: Software

    4. Lakshmi mittal
    net worth: 45.0 billion
    source: Steel

    5.mukesh ambani
    net worth: 43.0 billion
    source: Petrochemicals

    6. Anil ambani
    net worth: 42.0 billion
    source: Diversified

    7. Ingvar kamprad
    net worth: 31.0 billion
    source: Ikea

    8. Kp singh
    net worth: 30.0 billion
    source: Real estate

    9. Oleg deripaska
    net worth: 28.0 billion
    source: Russian aluminium

    10. Karl albrecht
    net worth: 27.0 billion
    source: Aldi stores

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    You can find the update 2011 top ten 10 richest people on earth.

    1st: Carlos Slim Helú
    2nd: William Henry (Bill) Gates III
    3rd: Warren Buffet
    4th: Mukesh Ambani
    5h: Lakshmi Mittal
    6th: Lawrence Ellison
    7th: Bernard Arnault
    8th: Eike Batista
    9th:Amancio Ortega
    10th: Karl Albrecht




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