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    Default Joke #6: A Monkey Smoking Weed

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    One day in the jungle, Lizard climbs up a tree and find Monkey sitting on a branch, smoking some weed. Lizard asks him for some but Monkey keeps saying

    "No, youíre a lightweight, itíll go straight to your head."

    But eventually after some pestering, Monkey gives Lizard some of the weed. after smoking for a bit, Lizard starts to get a bit thirsty, being a lightweight and all, so he goes down to the lake to get a drink.

    While heís down at the lake, he sees Alligator who asks him where heís been, as he seems a bit high. Lizard tells Alligator heís been up in the tree smoking with Monkey, so Alligator goes up to ask Monkey if he can have any.

    So as Monkeyís sitting there, high as a kite, waiting for Lizard to get back, he sees Alligator coming

    "What The!!" yells Monkey, "How much freakiní water did you drink?"

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    lol,Thanks for sharing

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    lol,Thanks for sharing....



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