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    Default Shankar to marry Phulwa in front of the panchayat

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    SSP Amrita Tiwari (Shweta Kawatra) tried her best to help Phulwa (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) but looks like the girl’s going through a rough patch in life and anyone who wants to help her is conveniently being sidelined in Phulwa. Amrita has received a transfer letter and so she will be no more handling Phulwa’s case hence, she will have to once again face the panchayat.

    A source says, “The Thakurs have alleged her of having married Shankar who is a dacoit since she had sindoor on her forehead after she returned post her kidnapping. Till now, Phulwa had been denying this accusation but she will now accept it. She will tell the panchayat it was Shankar who put sindoor on her forehead despite knowing it wasn’t him; as she does not want her family to go through any trouble. She lies to the panchayat so that they throw her out of the village but at that very point Shankar (Angad Hasija) will enter the scene.

    “Shankar will question Phulwa once again about the so-called wedding so that she reveals the truth but she will stay adamant. This will make Shankar impulsively put sindoor on her forehead and also take the saat pheras with her right in front of the panchayat.”

    Angad says, “Well a lot is to happen in the upcoming episodes, so just wait and watch.
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