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    Cool ★One On One With Hitman Second Episode Biggest Celebrity - - - - - > ★Dr.Boy ★

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    Come On everyone Dance with me today I m soo happy tht I got friday off Reset who doesn't live in England i got this for u I am all ready for the Royal Wedding .....

    Director: :rolleyes: I think we are not here to chat about Royal Wedding here are we ??

    Hitman: opps I kinda got soo much excited.

    But lets Get started people soo there are two main reason that i m really happy one is that tomorrow is Royal Wedding nd Finally i got interview my todays guest..

    I was been trying to get him interview from last session but u know how this big celebrity goes they just never get the dates..

    BTW thank you everyone for liking the first episode of One On One...

    Well, What can i say about my today's Guest..His one of my FAV founder of Dr, I don't think that i can say anything about him, Saying that this guy is best would be too small to describe him...

    Sooo, Plzzzzzzzzz Everyone Help me Welcome My today's Guest



    Dr.Boy: ohhh,Thank you Himen thts really nice

    Hitman: Soo u like ur Introduction, Come on then give me promotion now

    Dr.Boy: ohh, Actually Hitman i hve to go somewhere else as well..So i will do ur interview later

    Hitman: oy, Teri U got serious mann i was joking Now plzz Stay,Stay

    Dr.Boy: Ok, Ok Chal teak he i give u

    Hitman: ohh, Thank you Soo Bhavik how does it feel to be on the show ? If i am not wrong then this is ur first chit chat show right ??

    Dr.Boy: feel like this is the best moment of my life.. me and in your show .. wow its like dream come true for me...
    and can't really remember if we had any shows like this before so ya i guess your correct..

    Hitman: Wah, Kya answer he My happiness ke Tears drooping right now ..But Tell me when did u joined Dr ??

    Dr.Boy: i joined after few months site was started .. when i joined i already knew how to manage forums and stuff little bit so i asked solu n abhi if i can manage site.. they gave some powers and after couple of months they made me founder . n that may b cuz i never asked for promotion and kept doing what i was (so now members know how to get promotion faster)..:rolleyes:

    Hitman: hmm, This is interesting soo i hope all u new people watching this who wants to get promotion

    Dr.Boy: Do u always chat this much or wht ??

    Hitman: ohh who me, Not always only when i get like special guest like u Bhavik..Kudi ke saath itne chat nahi ki thi
    But Did u knew that one day Dr would become such a successful website as its today ?

    Dr.Boy: i knew it wud become big but this big nope.. but we got great staff members who gave lots of time and still giving .. to this site so all thanks to them

    and abhi's genius mind behind how to make site more popular and get more users.
    Soo ya we all worked hard to mke it happen..

    Hitman: Nice,Nice
    Tell us three things that people doesn't know about u in Dr ? which u have never told to everyone in Dr.

    Dr.Boy: cant think of anything that i didnt tell to any1 about me.. ppl wid whom i talk everyday know everything about me.. but some things that many ppl wudnt know i guess are.........
    • i hate reading books n stuff thats too long
      • i became admin same day i joined dr
        • i often like movies that most ppl dont like example - tees maar khan

    Hitman: wow u became admin the day u join Nd i got the banned the first day i came to SB

    Dr.Boy: nothings new u always get banned

    Hitman: Wht ever
    So, Boy tell us something about ur self like about ur personal life wht u do nd all ?? :rolleyes:

    Dr.Boy: well m gujju.. indian living in usa .. 20 yrs old and currently doing bachelors in computers.. i like making websites...

    Hitman: Me gujju too ..
    If u woke up at one Morning and realise tht u hve turn into solution24 whts the first thing u do or wht would be ur reaction ?? I actually wanted to Ask u Nida one but then thought u might not like it..

    Dr.Boy: Lets Leave Nida alone
    Soo, Ya if i woke up as Solu i would make bidz mrs.solution again

    Hitman: I knew tht .... But lets get something serious question U see Dr boy I have never seen u fighting to anyone Ur like one of the founder who always does his work quietly nd never been in fight or i have never seen u hating anyone either soo tell us whts going on with u??

    Dr.Boy: lol yes i m quiet person and i dont like to fight with anyone .. and about hating .. no one has given any reason to hate them so ya

    Hitman: Well Answered...Motto in ur life tht u live ur life with ??

    Dr.boy: just enjoy every second of life.. always look for positives in everything and every situations

    Hitman: Great Now lets start my Killing Round..
    In this round all u hve to do is Pair up the person with different gender of person, U can choose anyone from Dr.. Soo Simple isn't it

    Dr.Billy: gg

    GG: billy

    Mr.perfect(SUmit): ans

    Abhi: zaraaa

    Bidz: soluuu

    Peachy: mehran

    Solution24: punjabi kudi

    Punjabi Kudi: hash :rolleyes:

    Hash: pk

    Hitman: ohhh lol I dont know wht to say , Anyways here is next round
    Person tht comes to ur mind when i say following words:


    Superman ? solu

    Psycho? u (hitman)

    Sweet? gg n ggg

    Hard worker ? nida.. billy

    Faltu of Dr? sumit lol

    Lover ? solu

    Rotlu(person who always cry about anything) manav

    Changed? saga killer..

    Innocent ? nida..

    Hitman Of Dr ?:rolleyes: no option here.. u.

    Hitman: muje Pschyo bola..
    In this round u just have to say something about this following people..:

    GG: queen of dr

    Nida: hard working innocent :reading2:

    Solution: mr.awesome

    Abhi: the great one

    Bidz: smart.. funny.. responsible.. entertaining.. all in one.. rare to find

    Hash: don of dr

    Muffin: funny .. straight forward

    Sumit: mix of comedy and seriousness

    hitman: next founder of dr lol..

    Peachy: fully entertaining

    SuperSiddh: new talent

    Hitman: Me next founder I love u for tht boy
    Now boy i have to say this sadly but now its last round ..and this is award round now


    Best Member In Dr So far : all r great

    Best Thread Maker: sameer

    Best New comer of Dr : supersiddh

    Best answer giving by last session from One On One's Last session ? peachy's one was perfect

    Best Sigi Maker of Dr:
    knowing nothing about ps .. i think its v.hard to make siggi so ppl who make its huge thing.. i would go for master abhiii as most of the siggies i seen are abhi's and all of them are super rocking

    Hitman: now people sadly we have to finish this episode in here but dont Forget to vote for the next person...

    BTW I know u want to see Abhi nd i m trying my best to get Abhi i hope i will get him interview soonn soooooooooo, Plzzz vote for someone else now

    Dr.Boy: Before we go i want to say something Hitman keep up this good job ur doing it really well

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    awesomeee........awesomeee ....awesomeeee..

    gud work hitman.....

    gr8 answerzz bhavzzz

    good epi

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    Kudi ke saath itne chat nahi ki thi ..yaa that's bcz me tume bolne ki bari hi nahi deti

    that was awesome himy & bhavik great work

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    gr8 episode mamo rocking as always

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    Amazing episode himen!!!!

    dR Boy, coool answers!

    Himen, waiting impatiently for the next round!!!!
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    good job..VERY well would have been a "that's what i call performance"...if sombdy fixed u r grammar ...glitch in choreography
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
    good job..VERY well would have been a "that's what i call performance"...if sombdy fixed u r grammar ...glitch in choreography
    OF-Course my English Teacher u could do tht too Right

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    lol forgot to say best dr shows host for u in that round good editing

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    Awesome awesome awesomeee dr boy ROCKSSSSSSSS greatttttttttt work himenn

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    queen of dR
    awesum show
    lyk peachy say keep it upar upar
    amazing wrk himi :blush1:

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    Nice Work King N Thnk S dR Boy

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    ...being a human...

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    lol nice one

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    !!! KILL BULLIES !!!

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    Thank you Everyone for Liking

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