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    Default Moon Shine Text Effect

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    What We’re Making

    This Text Effect Quickie will show you how to easily create a soft glowing moon-like text.

    Before getting started, you may want to download the font used:

    Step 1 – Background

    Since this text effect looks best on dark colored backgrounds, let’s create one. Using the color #0f1c25 and black, create a radial gradient from the center of your document.

    Step 2 – Setting the Type

    Let’s set some type in the document to use the effect on. Bolder and stronger fonts will work better!

    Step 3 – Setting Up the Layer Style

    Go into your text layers Blending Options (Right Click Layer > Blending Options).
    Apply the layer effects shown below, making any modifications as needed.
    Drop Shadow

    Outer Glow


    Inner Glow


    Gradient Overlay

    #afd3e2 to White

    Download the Layer Style

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