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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 14

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    1. Select the Square layer.
    2. Then click on the empty field to the right of the little eye in the Polygon layer. A small chain appears in the field:

    3. Now the ”Square” and ”Polygon” figures are locked together. Choose the move tool, and try to move the square. The pentagon comes along, while the triangle and the oval remaini in the same position.
    4. Click on the chain symbol to cancel the lock.
    Delete layers

    If you want to delete a layer, it can be done in different ways. That is typical for maneuvering in Photoshop; there is almost always more than one way to reach the same objective.
    You can select a layer in the layer palette and choose menu items Layer --> Delete --> Layer:

    You can also right click on the layer in the palette. Then choose Delete Layer in the menu that pens:

    Finally you can simply click on the small wste basket in the lower right corner of the palette:

    Figure 19. Be aware of the small buttons in the bottom of the layer palette. This button deletes the selected layer.
    Close all windows

    You have now finished the first couple of execises. We hope that you gained from them.
    1. Use the Use the shortcut Control+w to close the picture window.
    2. Repeat that if you have other open windows until you have an empty program window, where you only see the palettes.
    3. Try to open two drawings at once: Press Control+o (for open). Select the file ”my flower.” Hold the Shift- key down, and then also select the file ”geometry”:

    4. Press Enter, then both drawings are read into Photoshop. You can now switch between them with Control+Tab – Try that.
    5. Now close all open files with Control+Shift-+w.
    You can also close the Photoshop program with the shortcut Alt+4. But it is a large and heavy program to get started, so it might be a good idea to leave it open as long as the pc is turned on.

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