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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 12

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    5. Notice the yellow oval; it is partially hidden by the other three figures. That is because the layer with the oval is placed under the other figures layers:

    6. Use the mouse and grab the layers button. Drag that button upwards, and release it so it slips in above the Polygon layer as in Figure 15.
    7. Try to juggle the figures again. Now the orange square is in the bottom, can you see that?
    8. You can also juggle the picture elements by using the keyboard’s arrow keys. That is more precise than with the mouse. Try that, point the mouse to the white triangle and click on that. Then prss ArrowRight a few times, and the triangle moves in very small increments to the rright.
    9. Save the picture again with Control+s.

    Figure 15. You can juggle the sequence by dragging the layer buttons to new positions.
    Transform the figures

    When the move tool is active, you can also transform the figures shape and size. You will soon appreciate this extra small ability! Try that:
    1. You have the move tool activated. Click in the field Show Bounding Box in the settings line:

    2. Try to select different figures by clicking on them. Now you see a frame surrounding the active figure. Try to select the triangle. Use the mouse to grab the lower left handle in the frame surrounding the figure, and drag towardrs the left. Then you change the shape of the figure:

    3. When you derive at the right size, you close the scaling by clicking Enter.
    4. Finally try to select the pentagon. You need to rotate it. Place the mouse cursor completely outside one of the corner handles, so it becomes a small double arrow like here:
    5. Try to rotate the pentagon a little to the left. Finish the rotation by pressing Enter.
    6. Then save the picture with Control+s.
    The move tool is very important; you really use it all the time in Photoshop.
    Normally the move tool only works on the selected layer, but you can also make the tool select the layer automatically from the picture element that you are clicking on. Some times that is smart; at other times it can be confusing. Try for yourself!

    Figure 16. This setting makes the move tool select the figure you are pointing at automatically, regardless of which layer it is in.

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