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    Default 13 years! Suzanne is almost my childhood love

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    13 years! Suzanne is almost my childhood love
    By Subhash K Jha

    Hrithik Roshan couldn't be in a happier place at the moment. And it's not just the dancefloor where he swings on his 35th birthday to the zany beats created by old friend Farah Khan.

    Hrithik is also pleased with his much talked-about dance number in Zoya Akhtar's Luck By Chance. "I had done all these western dance numbers in my recent films. I needed a chance to dance in our desi folk style. I got that chance in Luck By Chance. Zoya has made a superb film, and Farhan is an actor to watch."

    Now as he shoots another dance number with Farha Khan for Kites Hrithik goes down memory lane on his birthday. "I still remember struggling to get Farha's steps right in my first film Kaho Na…Pyar Hai. The last time we worked together was in Krissh. It's so nice of her to come out her choreographic retirement for my sake. That's what friends are for."

    And of course there's sweetheart-turned-wife Susanne. "We've been together for thirteen years, almost my childhood love. This birthday I can wish for her to be with me all my life. What else?

    I have everything else. So I don't need any other gifts except lots of love from everyone.The audience and fans have showered me with much more love than I deserve. A warm hug means more to me than anything that money can buy.

    I know my phone is going to be very busy on my birthday. That's the most special thing that happens on this day every year."

    The most precious birthday gift that Hrithik got this year is a hand-made card by his 3 –year old son Hrehaan.

    "It was the sweetest thing, and absolutely my most precious gift. Unfortunately Hrehaan couldn't be with us at the party. It was way past his bedtime. Way past mine too. In fact we all danced till 6 am.

    It was impossible to just rub my eyes and leave for the shoot. So Dad postponed the shooting from morning to the afternoon shoot. My birthday gift from him, " Hirthik yawns as he dances to Farah Khan's steps on his birthday.

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    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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    lol thanks for the info



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