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    Default The church's vicar

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    A vicar goes to a small town to view people's life and want to go to church in this. On the way, he meets an driver and asks for the road to come this.
    - I'm not f u c k ing knowing that - the driver said.
    The vicar is very suprised. But he still goes on the road, then he already come to this small town, he asks a grocer with the same question
    - Where can i find the way to the church ?
    - f u c k ing knowing that. - The grocer said.
    Again, he doesn't know how all people in this town has a bad attitude and talk so smutting words. At least, he comes to the church. He want to talk with the church's vicar about this story. He got this answer:
    - I know this, know this, im always tell them to change their words, but they are f u c k ing knowing that.
    ...being a human...



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