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    Default who will be under takers opponent at wm 28?

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    will he make it to wm 28?
    who will be his opponent?
    will he retire after wm 28?
    i think he will make it to wm 28 and we will see jeff hardy vs undertaker will win it and retire after 20-0 undefeated.
    jeff hardy is coming back in november.
    or hhh vs deadman.
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    Streak vs. Streak !

    Give Cole what he wants.
    In a Last man standing / Ironman / Hardcore , usw match !!

    If 20 is not the last I'd propably even see Del Rio in it. If the sucker is continued to get push.. Returning Batista would be nice. Or they make 28 the Legendmania. First the rock. Maybe Stone Cold in his old rivalry with him. Or a returning Mick Foley as Mankind. I'd love to see a returning of the legend killer too though his momentarily style is nice too .

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    no onw will love that shit
    !!! KILL BULLIES !!!

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    id love to see Undertaker make 20-0 and retired undefeated at WM but who would be a worth enough opponent for his last match? personally id like to see Undertaker vs Kane again in either a Buried Alive match or a Inferno Match.



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