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    Default 12th March 2011 Super Moon Pictures from the World

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    12th March 2011 Super Moon Pictures from the World

    The moon's orbit about the Earth is not a perfect circle it is slightly eccentric. As a result, during part of its orbit it is a little closer to us than at other times. The closest approach is called perigee, while the greatest separation is called apogee.

    On average, the moon's distance from Earth is 239,228 miles (385,000 kilometers). At perigee it is a bit closer at 221,643 miles (356,700 kilometers), whereas at apogee it is somewhat farther away at 252,463 miles (406,300 kilometers). 12th March 2011 Saturday's full moon has been called a supermoon, because the moon was closer to us than it had been at any time in the last 18 years, making it appear unusually large in the night sky.

    Earlier the Super Moon occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992and 2005.They were accompanied by extreme weather conditions. The Katrina and hurricane which occurred in 2005 was also a result of super moon.

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