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    Default release of smackdown on the same night while Raw takes overnight

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    hey i was just wondering. why does smackdown come out straight after midnight on fridays whereas Raw takes a while to come out the next day on tuesdays? even though both the brands are almost in the same state. im just curious thats all.

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    smackdown comes on thursdays in australia so ppl from there record and release it before it airs in usa

    and raw it airs first in usa/uk on mondays so you get it when it ends

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    easy answer: Raw is live, Smackdown is not. Afaik, it's recorded on tuesdays, but no guarentee here...

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    Yep. Smackdown is filmed on Tuesday's, hence results and stuff can be posted before it even airs on TV.
    Time zones and stuff make Smackdown easier to upload, whereas with RAW, they must wait seeing as it is live.



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