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    Default Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - 17th March 2011 Written Update

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    The scenes starts with Piya praying to God...and T giving smirks to the gang....and sneek a some chits under Piya's skirt(T has brains...if she used it for her studies rather than wooing every tom **** and harry would be awesomeAngryAngry)....all the students starts to write their exam papers when Shanker was lost in thoughts and Misha wakes him in reality and ask him to start the papers....if he failed her paper he is going to pay for it Misha warns...Shanker just smiles....and Misha ask him to start the paper and turns her face away and Shanker tells to himself that Misha looks cute in anger too(i agree with himEmbarrassed)....and Misha ask him to start the paper..and he starts...he was writing and Misha ask him does he know the answer correctly and Shanker just says yes he knows by gesture........Read more

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