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    Default Rani Mukherjee In Recent Interview Says Her Next Step is Marriage

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    Rani Mukherjee In Recent Interview Says Her Next Step is Marriage

    Rani Mukerji had almost disappeared after three big budget back-to-back box office duds, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and Dil Bole Hadippa. But one striking performance in No One Killed Jessica and she's back.

    Dressed in just a pair of denims and a T-shirt, yet managing to look as gorgeous as ever, the soon-to-turn-32 star met up with Mumbai Mirror for a heart-to-heart at her plush Juhu Bungalow. Read on...

    Seems you're back from a hiatus...
    (Laughs) Main to yahin thi. I was leading my normal life - going for shoots, travelling, reading. When a few of my films flopped, I came under the radar. Like my achievements, my failure too started to make headlines. It was a personal decision to stay away.

    Are you getting the roles you want now?
    I am getting a lot of dynamic offers. Also, an actor never visualises a film with a filmmaker. It's the other way round. I couldn't have told Sanjay Bhansali 'Chal Black banate hain'. Thankfully, filmmakers still see me in marvelous roles.

    How was it when people started writing you off?
    It was a learning experience. Certain sections of the media wrote me off. But that's how the industry works. You need to keep working till luck strikes back. It happened when No One Killed Jessica came my way. But I still stand by the three films TPTM, Laaga... and ...Hadippa. I enjoyed them all.

    There were rumours about you fasting for 40 weeks and leaving the Juhu house for luck...
    (Laughs) What crap. I can't fast for one day. Why would I fast for 40? Also I didn't leave this (Juhu Bungalow) place for a single day. All meetings for No One Killed Jessica happened here. However, the film has definitely changed everyone's perception.

    Everyone is talking about your new, glam avatar...
    I have always been glam. I showed skin in Ghulam and KKHH also. But I am fitter than before. I toned my body when I played an athlete in Dil Bole Hadippa. And this fitness does add to my body-language and confidence.

    In KJo's chat show, Ranveer Singh hinted that you are the Managing Director of Yash Raj?
    Do you know he was talking about Madhuri Dixit? And people put two and two equals to five. He didn't mean Managing Director at all when he said MD. I would love to be a Managing Director of a company, but there's no truth in me being one.

    Are you getting married? If yes, to who? Aditya Chopra or someone else?
    I wouldn't like to talk about my relationship. I haven't done it in the past and I don't wish to do it today. If and when I get married, I shall tell everybody.

    Is marriage important to you?
    Of course. If you want to have kids in our country, you need to marry. And I want kids. It would be abnormal as a woman not to have kids. It's a cycle that I have to complete. The next step in my life would be marriage. I sure hope God doesn't make me spend the rest of my life as a spinster.
    ...being a human...



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