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    An old saying which is almost heard by everyone is‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. All humans have their aims and goals and they are running behind their goals, we all running throughout in our life sometimes this running give us fruitful results and sometimes we are losers but the running in the morning always beneficial for us mentally physically as well as socially.

    Physical health;

    Every one whether man or woman, elder or young wants to be fit slimed trimmed body. Morning running helps to greater extent to attain this .HOW it could be? By running we can’ lose weight’ by consuming extra curbs, fats which are stored in the form of cholesterol. Muscular carbohydrates not consumed during sitting life styles and work conditions of today’s lifestyle and increase muscle mass constantly, so these burn fastly .according to research 100 cal per mile burn by running . It’s amazing.

    Lungs activity;

    Of course increase by breathing fastly while running. at this point is important due to morning fresh air less smoke, less dust, and pollution, atmosphere carry more oxygen for us to inhale and we are more secured from lung diseases. By breathing sharply during running our’ muscles of whole body’ organs external and internal organs get supply of oxygen and to be active for whole day activities.

    In women many’ old age problems’ as osteoporosis also reduced. In young’s obesity due to ‘hormonal changes ‘can be controlled. Blood circulation increase with better results of cardio but careful in high blood pressure. Skin of whole body especially of face glow due to fresh supply of oxygen.

    Mental health;

    Our mental health is related to our psychological problems. Dalai Lama, who said,” Everyday, think as you wake up, ‘today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others, I am going to benefit others as much as I can.’’

    So we can say running in morning effects in following ways:

    Run when you are angry or frustrated to burn up energy. Research has shown that nothing relieves stress more than exercise. Running increases endorphins which contribute to an overall sense of well-being and mood elevation, while running can make you feel better when you are sad. The race is a great way to relieve anxiety. Naturally induce and recovery of the response to adrenaline allows your body to perform the recovery of the physical effects of anxiety.
    Running also gives you the opportunity to escape into your own world, tune everything else with your epode, refocus and refresh. You may need a break from stress or to persons or simply to allow your brain to rest.

    Social health:

    1. if you feel lonely or disappointed by people in general operates on a local path exposes you to several people enjoying the weather and / or exercise, as well as dogs and children, and presents many opportunities to enjoy and share a smile.

    2. Running gives you the opportunity to experience freedom and may be the perfect escape stressors, being inside all day or daily routine when you feel trapped.

    3. You can increase your self-esteem and feel empowered by running for completing objectives, experience what your body can do, and re-define yourself. So every morning brings with itself countless blessings but we have to run to gain these.

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    One of the biggest benefits of running is that it is good for you. It keeps your heart healthy, it increases your metabolism, and it in general keeps your body looking and feeling healthy. And in addition to that, running also helps in reducing your belly fat. Maintaining a running program will really make you eliminate the fats that make you obese.

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    Hi Sweet Red,
    Running is great cardio exercise to burn fat and lose weight. Running strengthen our heart and lungs and promotes muscular development. Oxygen inhaled while running results great amount of energy especially to our joints. Running improves blood circulation system results in healthy skin.
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    Yes Do Agree With It.

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    Running is the sixth most popular exercise. The health benefits of running include increases in HDL cholesterol and reduced body fat, blood pressure, triglycerides, and risk of heart disease. Proper technique should be followed and appropriate footwear should be worn to avoid injury..
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    Running is among the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning heart and lungs. It helps ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, things that are proven to help to decrease the risk of a heart attack. It is also a great stress reliever and can help even in mild depression. Running helps you improve your fitness and stamina. As a weight-bearing exercise, running also increases bone density, which can fend off osteoporosis.
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    Running burns calories so it's a great way to lose extra weight,growth of brain cells,increase mental sharpness,ease symptoms of depression and anxiety.Running does't kill our joints which generally concept or rumor.



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