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    Default [ WWE News ] Rey Mysterio to Leave WWE

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    I mentioned in yesterday's Premium Mailbag we were working on a major story, I can now confirm that Rey Mysterio asked WWE officials for his release and threatened to retire if the company did not release him. This is why Sin Cara was quickly signed and is being promoted for a call-up straight to the main roster.

    I am expecting to get a lot more information in the next 24 hours but it appears Mysterio has worked something out to work Wrestlemania XXVII as his match against "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was confirmed on last night's Smackdown. This is not the first time Mysterio has requested his release as he did this a couple years ago over the way Vince McMahon wrote Vickie Guerrero off television.
    Oof. I paid $2.50 for that scoop, so you can thank me now.

    If this is true, expecting a drastic face turn/push for someone post Mania. JoMo might finally get his shot, or mebbe DB?! This is pretty horrible for them in losing one of their top three merch draws and faces in a WWE where they can't get any face over.

    Vince is probably sucking Rock's **** to wrestle atm, and Sin Cara is likely getting pushed to the moon.

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    You have my thanks good sir.

    Man I pretty surprised about this. But this may be a big opportunity for some of the Superstars top shine.

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    I'm not too suprised by this news after all he's been threw I'm suprised that Rey has stuck it out as long as he has hopefully Sin Cara can fill Rey's shoes in the WWE
    John Cena: You Can't keep a good man down.

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    yeah well said cena#fangirl!



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