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    Sush: It is not time to marry
    Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, who has many a time made headlines for her relationships, says the time is not yet right to tie the knot.

    "I have been planning to get married for seven years now. Plans do not work but the right man does. I think it's not time for me to get married yet," Sushmita told Tuesday.

    "Moreover, I am already experiencing and enjoying the better half of marriage - I am a mother!" she quipped.

    The actress, who is the brand ambassador of Pantene shampoo, was in the capital to promote the product. She was dressed in a white empire line gown with dirty pink ethnic motifs.

    Asked how she liked to wear her hair, she said: "I like natural hair because I am comfortable wearing it any time. The last time I remember I did my hair was during the Miss Universe pageant.

    The former beauty queen added: "Hair is an extension of one's being and you don't need to follow the trends blindly. You have to live with your natural hair like your skin. In fact, I love grey hair but my profession doesn't allow me to show them off."

    Sushmita, who's making her directorial debut with Jhansi Ki Rani, said destiny made her a filmmaker.

    The film, produced by her company Tantra, will portray the life of Rani Laxmi Bai, the queen of Jhansi who fought against British rule during the 1857 war of independence.

    "Throughout my life I have fought with myself (to believe) that whatever happened with me was what I chose for myself. But now that I am directing this film I think destiny decides it all.

    "I was never meant to direct the film but the film chose me. And believe me, it took me tremendous amount of courage to do that. Now I have crossed my fingers and hope everything goes fine."

    She added: "So far life has been good. There have been ups and downs. But I think lately I saw more lows than highs. I hope better things happen in future."

    Jhansi Ki Rani is slated to release in November 2009.



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