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    Default Is Jiah being sidelined in the Ghajini promotions?

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    So far, Jiah Khan who plays the other leading lady in Ghajini is almost completely missing from the film's promotion and publicity.

    Sighs Jiah, "Ghajini is a big film for me. And I'm very happy with my role. As for why I'm not in the promos, what do I say? Wait and watch. The truth will be out when my song 'Lattoo' starts. It's my first big Bollywood item song. And I've been performing to Bollywood songs from the age of 6 in front of the mirror. I've had years of practice."

    Jiah's last (and so far only) film came two years ago. "Nishabd and Ghajini are so different. I needed this kind of a challenge. I'm dressed from head to toe - except for that one song where I transform from a Plain Jane to a femme fatale. I hope they accept me in this role."

    No regrets about doing an unconventional film like Nishabd so early in her career? "None at all. I agree our audiences are still very conservative and Nishabd was a very bold subject. Even in the West, Lolita created a huge controversy although they out there are no strangers to sex and nudity. For me, Nishabd was a challenge because I got to work with Mr. Bachchan and Mr. Varma so early in my career. And to be doing a central role in a film featuring Mr. Bachchan made me what I am. So I am grateful."

    However, the challenge for Jiah in Ghajini is to be accepted in a more conventional role. "If I had Mr. B as my co-star in the first film, here it's Aamir. Can't get any bigger."

    Asin and the rest of Southern crew never made Jiah feel like an outsider. "I love working with the South Indian cast and crew made me feel completely at home."

    Reports say she was at loggerheads with the film's other leading lady Asin. Jiah protests, "I don't have any scenes with Asin. But recently we were in Panchgani together. And we spoke for the first time then. Without a doubt she was amazing in the original Tamil in Ghajini. This is her first Bollywood film and therefore a big thing. From my side there's no bad blood at all. I think Asin is beautiful. She has been working a long time. This is just my second film. I had a lot to learn from both Asin and Aamir."

    Jiah admits she was intimidated by Aamir. "To match up with him was quite a tough task. I've grown up by ten years in the last two years."

    As for Kangna Ranaut the problems, if any, are over? Says Jiah, "I saw Fashion and met her and told her she was fabulous. She's a lovely girl. Why would anyone give me trouble? I don't trouble anybody."

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    Nobody's gonna miss Jiah with her clothes on!

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