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    Talking Tribhuvan slippers Kalika; Nidhi to marry Ranvijay in Pratha

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    Some dramatic sequences in store for viewers in COLORS' Rishton Se Badi Pratha..

    COLORS' Rishton Se Badi Pratha will see yet another dramatic episode tonight wherein Tribhuvan (Zeb Khan) in a moment of anger will slipper Kalika (Surbhi's father) left, right and centre!!

    The entire family of Abhay (Vishal Karwal) are at Kalika's place for the 'Tervi' of Ratna. Tribhuvan who is pretty sure that Ranvijay (Faisal Raza Khan) is responsible for his sister's death refuses to have food at their place. This is when Kalika makes fun of him, and insists him to have food.

    Our source states, "A very important high-voltage sequence has been shot wherein Kalika forcibly tries to push a morsel of food into Tribhuvan's mouth. Bhuvan who is a short-tempered guy by nature looses his cool, immediately picks up his slippers and starts hitting Kalika with it. Kalika will certainly be embarrassed as this happens in front of all the people who have gathered there. Ranvijay takes out his gun and aims it at Tribhuvan. This will create a lot of chaos between the two families".

    However, Kalika's reaction will surprise viewers.. He will stop Ranvijay from harming Tribhuvan. Instead, he tells all to forgive Tribhuvan as it is his love for his dead sister that is coming out in the form of anger.

    "Not all know that Kalika has a bigger plan up his sleeve, and this will get revealed in the days to come", adds our source.

    If sources are to be believed, Kalika will ask for Nidhi's (Srinidhi Shetty) hand for his son Ranvijay. This will again come as a shock for Tribhuvan. Surbhi (Parul Chauhan) will be dead against this proposal, but Markhande (Nimay Bali) and others in the family will give it a second thought just for the sake of Ratna's little kid.

    Will Nidhi get wedded into the same house where her elder sister met with her unfortunate death?

    Lots of drama in store for the viewers in Pratha…



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