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    Default It's frustrating times for Anukalp and Mona.

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    Anukalp and Mona's struggle to get some private time for themselves continues in Zee TV's Ram Milaayi Jodi..

    Anukalp (Nishant Malkani) and Mona's (Sara Khan) romantic escapades are fetching no result in Zee TV and Rajita Sharma's Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi..

    Mona and Anukalp have taken a room in a hotel to get some private time for themselves. But bad luck follows them as Mona's father comes to the same hotel, looking for an accommodation.

    Our source states, "Karan and Satnaam come to Mona and Anukalp's room, to have a glance of the room. The couple do not know what to do, and rush into their wash room. Just to scare them out, Mona and Anukalp turn the shower on and make crazy noises. Mona's father who hears this is embarrassed, as he feels that a couple is making love in the wash room".

    In the process, Mona gets completely wet and gets out of the wash room in embarrassment. The entire scenario upsets both Anukalp and Mona as they feel that they are stooping low, just to get close to each other.

    With consummation plans of the couple getting postponed, the journey ahead will be an interesting watch for the audience..

    We hear that there will be yet another sequence shot soon, wherein Mona and Anukalp are relieved when the two families go out for an excursion to the India Gate. The ambiance is set when Mona lights candles all around the house as there is no power. The love birds are on the verge of consummating, when the family members get back and spoil their plans..

    How will Anukalp and Mona get some private time now? When will they take their marital life to the next big phase?

    Keep glued to Ram Milaayi Jodi to witness the testing time of Anukalp and Mona.
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