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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 2

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    4. See the program’s structure

    The program is open, and you need to go to work right away. Photoshop may not appear particularly impressive at first glance. But there is a lot hidden below the surface of the user interface! There are actually so many options in Photoshop, so it is probably not possible to get to the bottom of it. We will review the most common functions in this booklet, and then you have to continue on your own.
    Menus and the tool box

    If you are used to work with Microsoft’s office programs (like Word), then Photoshop will feel”different” to begin with. Windows, fonts etc. can appear somewhat strange, and that is a leftover from Photoshop’s past as a pure Macintosh program. Let us get started:
    1. On top of your screen image are the traditional title- and menu lines, as you see here:

    2. Below the menu line you find the tool options bar. That is a beam, which changes appearance and content, depending on which tool has been chosen:

    3. The tools are seen in a tall slim tool box. There are two columns with tools, which are divided in four sections. Can you see that? One of the tools is active:
    4. The tools can be activated by clicking on them in the tool box. Try that.
    5. The individual tools also have a shortcut letter associated with them. If you place the mouse cursor on the tool button, you can see that letter as well as the name of the tool.

    6. Try that. Rest the cursor on the different buttons, and see the texts that appear:

    7. Try to press v . That activates the Move Tool (top button in the right column):

    8. Then press the shortcut letters l w c k j one by one, while you keep an eye on the tool box. Each letter activates a new tool.
    9. Continue by pressing: b s y e g r o a t p u n i h x d. Then you have tried to activate most of the tools.
    10. Some tools exist in different variants. That is the case when you see a small triangle in the lower right corner of the button. All the variants can be seen if you rest the mouse cursor on the button. Try that, place the cursor over the lasso tool; after a couple of seconds the variants open:

    11. You can also activate the variants from the keyboard. Try to press e for eraser:

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