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    Default Ranbir, Imran: The new Siamese twins?

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    Friends-turned-foes seem to have turned friends again...

    Bollywood seems to be an unpredictable space. One day you're best friends with someone, on another you aren't friends anymore. Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan have left us speculating on their relationship. Before they hosted the Filmfare Awards together, and were just one film old respectively, both boys hadn't met, and weren't keen to do films together. They were interested only in solo-film offers, till the two got together to host the Filmfare Awards and were declared a 'hit'.

    The two were then touted to be 'inseparable' and best buddies, so much so that they had even planned to launch a production house together! The two were even keen to star in a movie together - but that one, they said, would have to be ultra-special - something like the Andaz Apna Apna types, we guess. A cult-like, coming of age wonder.

    No sooner had we digested the fact that there can be fast friends in Bollywood, till what reached our ears was astonishing - the two had fallen out! Avantika Malik, now Imran's wife, then Imran's girlfriend, had no bones about laughing out loud and not thinking much of Ranbir's performance and even voicing it at a special screening of the motion picture! Suddenly, not all was well between the Kapoor and Khan lads who even went on records to clarify that they weren't ever the best of friends.

    Well, now the hosting of the recent Filmfare Awards has sparked off something that once was. Ranbir and Imran seemed too comfortable with each other. That's not all. Avantika and Katrina (supposedly in a relationship with Ranbir), too, seem to go yap-yap-yap at every given opportunity. And if that wasn't enough, our Kapoor lad wore nearly the same outfit that groom Imran Khan wore at his wedding reception. "Only the colour of their churidars were different. While Imran was dressed in all black, Ranbir wore a white churidar. Else, they came across like bothers lost in a mela," said a guest who attended the function.

    Talks have it that Ranbir and Imran have become fast friends all over again and are often spotted hanging out together with their respective better-halves, and Katrina's sister Isabelle has fitted beautifully into the 'group'. Their friendship reminds us of the Rani Mukerji-Preity Zinta dosti that once was. Of course, things change over time, and not everything always remains the same. But let's hope this camaraderie does pass the test of time.



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